Featured Sample Works

Letters From My Father

Summary: Maggie Harris has come home to bury her father after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. Struggling with her own personal life, she feels lost and confused by her sudden loss of center. Discovering a trove of letters that her father left her behind, she goes on journey into the past, to discover secrets about her father, and herself.

Wings Over Kal’hi

Summary: It’s the 1930s in the South Pacific. Patrick “Lucky” O’Malley owns an air cargo firm on the island of Kal’hi. He scrapes by day-to-day, with the help of his fellow expatriate Katherine Stewart. That is, until, a surprise arrives in the islands, in the form of Lucky’s niece and nephew.

The Waltz of Broken Dreams

Summary: AJ Dawson and Beth Newburg are reporters, working together. Sleeping together. Loving together?

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