One of my several hobbies is the old-fashioned hex and counter war games. I’ve done some work on several along the way.

Occasionally, I’ll post links to some of the things I create on this page.

NATO, Nuke and Nazis:  Published by XTR in 1990, it’s an alternate reality game that tickled my fancy. The publishers said in the original note that they meant to add a set of naval rules at some point, but they never got there, presumably, because they went out of business. I wrote my own. Haven’t play tested them yet. So if you do, let me know.

Down With the King: An Avalon Hill game that wasn’t quite a war game, wasn’t quite a card game, and wasn’t quite a role playing game. Much maligned, I’ve always been fascinating by it. One of the biggest complaints in the rule set is nearly incomprehensible. I’m in the process of rewriting the rules to meet more modern standards. I’ll post a link when I’m done

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